Industrial Cyber Security

Guardian™ powered by IKARUS

Operational Technology (OT) is used in industrial environments, such as production companies, critical infrastructures, transport companies, airports, smart cities and building automation.

It concerns the protection of corporate infrastructure, data, and workers’ safety, but also the supply of energy, water, mobility, health, and digital infrastructure to society as a whole.

The convergence of IT, OT and IoT systems creates an entirely new world of technology. Sustainable cybersecurity requires holistic solutions.

Guardianpowered by IKARUS brings transparency to your OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud resources. The market-leading technologies of Nozomi Networks powered by IKARUS automatically map your entire industrial network and visualise it in real-time. You will receive all the information you need to ensure security, minimise risks and respond quickly to anomalies. Guardian appliances capture and analyse their data in real-time at their value creation locations. With Vantage powered by IKARUS, you can integrate your entire security management – IT or SOC/SIEM solutions, installations, virtual Guardian sensors. . . – into one application. Gain visibility, security and accelerate your digital transformation in a controlled manner!


With an unlimited number of appliances, flexible and scalable architecture and integration with other systems, Guardianpowered by IKARUS can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Advantages of Nozomi Networks Technology

  • Interactive network visualisation
  • Dynamic Asset Inventory
  • Monitoring of operationally relevant process variables
  • Dashboard and reports can be personalised
  • Real-time detection of threats, vulnerabilities and anomalies

Advantages “powered by IKARUS “

  • Nozomi Networks Platinum Partner
  • Expertise and practical know-how in IT and OT security
  • Certified System Engineers and IT & OT Security Analysts
  • If required, knowhow-transfer with on-the-spot support
  • Active support during a proof of concept
  • Smart system integration and local support


Through partnerships with Nozomi Networks, the technology leader in OT/IoT security, and FireEye/Mandiant, the market leader in threat intelligence and incident response, IKARUS is positioning itself as THE Austrian system integrator for professional IT, OT and IoT security.

Nozomi Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner of global industry leader Nozomi Networks.

Fire Eye Affinity Partner Platinum

Platinum Partner of global industry leader FireEye/Mandiant.


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