Current certifications, awards and memberships

Our detection rate and performance are constantly subject to internal and external quality controls. Here you will find the latest certifications and awards for our products as well as memberships and professional commitment of our company and management.

Awards, certificates and seal of approval


TÜV – Trusted App for IKARUS

  • Proof of compliance with security and data protection criteria
Fire Eye Affinity Partner Platinum

FireEye Platinum Partner

An invitation-only partnership level reserved for FireEye Partners who are committed to a high-growth partnership with FireEye and demonstrate a breadth and depth of cyber-security technical and sales capabilities.


PCSL – Android Malware Detection Test

  • 99,9% detection rate and no false alarms – IKARUS has again been awarded 5 Stars according to the PCSL Android Malware Detection Test.
VB 100

Virus Bulletin – VB100 Certification

In order to display a VB100 logo, the product must:

  • prove that it recognizes at least 99.5% of the malware samples on the WildList of the WildList Organization
  • generate not more than 0.01% false alarms, when scanning a large collection of “clean” samples
  • meet all these requirements with default settings in the VB test environment on two test platforms (most recently Windows 10 and Windows 7)


AV Test

AV Test – Certified Android

  • 99.2% real-time detection of the latest Android malware
  • 99.6% detection of Android malware from the last 4 weeks
  • Does not impact the battery life
  • Does not slow down the device during normal usage
  • Does not generate too much traffic

OPSWAT Platinum Certified – Anti-Malware

  • Apps are tested according to lists of known malicious apps
  • Application installers and binaries are scanned by multiple anti-malware engines from the Metadefender Cloud and it is not allowed to be marked more than four times.
  • It must be possible to uninstall the app completely, without any further functionalities remaining in the system.


Cyber Security Austria (CSA)

Cyber Security Austria (CSA)

  • Is a non-profit, independent and non-partisan association with a goal to address cross-cutting security topics in the field of IT/Cyber Security of Critical/Strategic Infrastructures in Austria. Existing knowledge is networked and the awareness of our dependencies is sharpened.
  • The Austrian Cyber Security Challenge (ACSC) was launched in 2012 ( and has developed on the initiative of the CSA into a major European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC).


  • Is an independent, non-profit initiative of dedicated ICT companies based in Vienna.
  • A central concern is the positioning and visualisation of the topic “ICT and digital competence” in all training areas and institutes.
  • The strengthening of Vienna as a digital ICT metropolis and innovative pioneer in the international ICT context is taking place through projects and cooperative partnership of cross-sector networking and promotion, among others of high potentials and talents, for the ICT sector.
Austria IT Security Hub

Austria IT Security Hub

  • The “Austria IT Security Hub” is a living platform for collaborative innovation.
  • Enables new forms of cooperation between businesses, training centres and potential professionals
  • For sustainable structures to promote talented young people in the training sector and to anchor them in Austria

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