Download Test Viruses

For IKARUS anti.virus and IKARUS

Test viruses allow you to test the functionality of your antivirus program and reaction to malware without any risk.

To download, please move the mouse pointer over the link, press the right mouse button and select “Save Link as …” These are self-extracting archives, which have to be started and can be used after the download.

EICAR test virus

The EICAR test virus is not a real virus. It is a DOS program created by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research, which only displays the message “EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE” on the screen and then terminates itself. The aim of test viruses is to test the functions of an anti-malware program or to see how the program behaves when a virus is detected.

Download the desired test file to your PC. If your network security does not already prevent the download of the file, the local antivirus program should start working when trying to save or execute the file. Since the Eicar test virus is the only standardized way to monitor antivirus programs “live” at work without endangering yourself, it is likely that all programs will recognize the file. However, it says nothing about the detection or other protection capabilities of the software. If the file is not detected by your virus scanner, it is advisable to investigate the reason for this, for example to detect possible malfunctions.

Android-App „TestVirus“

To test your Android security solution, we also offer a “TestVirus” app on Google Play. This is of course not “real” malware, but a harmless test file that should be recognized by all Android virus scanners.

This app can be used to test the functionality of security apps and to monitor the behavior of the app in case of a threat: The IKARUS TestVirus should be treated like a “real” pest and rendered harmless by warning the user of the infection and deleting the file.

The Android security app IKARUS displays the message “IKARUS TestVirus” when the file is detected. Other antivirus programs will rename the file or simply classify it as virus or malware. The detection of the IKARUS TestVirus, however, does not say anything about the other detection or protection features of a security app.

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