System Recovery

Backup and System Recovery in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides several backup options. This includes the "Windows Backup" to backup several selected files or folders, as well as the function "Create system image" that makes it possible to recover the complete system in an emergency.

You can reach Windows backup by clicking "Backup your computer" under "Backup and Restore" in the Control Panel.

The way backing up selected files works is similar to a complete backup with the exception of the step in which you manually define which folders are to be backed up. This option is reached in the Control Panel via "Backup your computer".

The destination of the backup is defined by clicking "Set up backup" in the next window.

Clicking the "Set up backup" option leads to selecting the desired storage location.
"Backup Destination" defines where the backup is to be saved. External hard drives are recommended.


In the next step, specify that you would like to choose the files to be backed up yourself.

Clicking the option "Let me choose" allows you to manually define the files to be backed up.

A checkmark is used to select the elements in the computer tree that are to be backed up.

Click the checkboxes of the elements that are to be backed up and then click "Next".

There is also the possibility to activate a schedule with which you can define an automatic backup for a specific recurring time.

After clicking "Run backup on a schedule", the frequency, day and time can be defined for an automatic backup.
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