Rescue Disk

Rescue Disks in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides a way to create a bootable rescue disk. The system backup copy permits the repair and recovery of a damaged Windows installation as of a restore point or from a previously created system image.
The rescue disk is a good way to protect your own system especially for users of a Windows system that was installed without supplying a data storage medium. However, even users who received a Windows DVD can obtain reliable recovery media with the backup data storage media.

During the subsequent recovery, the user chooses between "Repair", "System Recovery" (as of a restore point) and "System Image Recovery" using previously created images. If problems arise after installing a driver or software, then resetting the system to a restore point is usually sufficient. In the event of virus attacks or hard disk failures, however, importing a system image is still the best method of rescuing the system. If need be, it restores the operating system, all programs and files.

Therefore, regular creation of system images ensures considerably greater system security.

Creating a rescue disk in no time at all

To get to the rescue disk burning function, use the Start button and enter "Control Panel" and then "Backup and Restore" under the "System and Security" option. As an alternative, it is sufficient to click the Start button and enter the word "Back" in the search box and then select the top entry "Backup and Restore".

You will find "Create a system repair disk" menu option in the left bar of the "Backup and Restore" Control Panel window. Insert a blank CD or DVD after clicking the entry and confirm the start of the burning procedure by clicking the "Create disk" button. Then, Windows will burn the most important system recovery data on the medium and confirm successful completion in a new window.


After clicking the marked button and clicking "Create disk" in the next window, Windows will create the rescue disk.

System repair and recovery

If Windows 7 no longer starts the way you want, then the rescue disk helps when repairing and recovering the system. Restart the system directly from the data storage medium right after switching on the computer or reboot from the data storage medium. When starting from DVD or CD, the computer prompts you to press any key. Then select the desired entry in the menu that appears.
The "Startup Repair" option looks for problems that explicitly affect the system startup. 

In contrast, the "System Restore" restores the computer to the state at the last backup. To do this, select a restore point that was created automatically by Windows 7 or manually thereby turning back the clock, in a manner of speaking. However, entries for programs that were installed later are lost.

The first three options of the rescue disk help in particular in the event of serious system errors.

The "System Image Recover" option makes it possible to import a complete system backup including installed programs. Here, all changes that were made, programs that were downloaded or programs that were installed in the time after the date of creation of the image are deleted.

"Windows Memory Diagnostic" tests the installed memory for possible errors. If the computer doesn't start because of such an error, then it usually helps to replace the memory.

Clicking "Command Prompt" opens the DOS command window to enter commands manually.

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