Computer security: keep your hardware and software up to date

Hardware and software are continuing to evolve at a rapid pace – almost as rapidly as the latest malware. Security analysts and hackers are always finding new security gaps in equipment and services. All computer users can and should do their bit towards protecting themselves, their equipment and their data.

  • Keep your programs (from the operating system to the browser) up to date – updates often fill any security gaps that have become known
  • Always use a functioning, up-to-date anti-virus program and run scans regularly
  • Protect your computer and your services against third-party access using complex passwords – and never save them on your computer without encryption
  • Also protect your Wi-Fi with a password!
  • In the folder options of your computer enable the setting that allows you to also display the endings of known files: that way you will recognise suspicious files like "datei.pdf.exe" at a glance
  • Accustom yourself to practising your own basic system philosophy 

Even if you follow all the safety advice, out final recommendation is: be prepared – computer infections can result in losses of data or, at worst, even mean that you are forced to rebuild your system. Therefore, back up your data to an external storage device regularly!


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