Where do I get IKARUS

You can get the IKARUS for your smartphone or tablet using the Google Play Store app or using the following link
The full version of the app, including all premium features, can be purchased directly through Google Play. Additionally, licences for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years are available at our Webshop or via e-mail orders at

How long will the updates for the full version bought in Google Play Store be available? Are they limited to 1 year?

When you purchase the App in Google Play, you receive an unlimited license, with no expiration date for the app itself as well as for database updates!

Which mobile devices are supported?

All Android devices starting with version 4.0.

Is the app compatible with tablets?

Yes. The app protects all tablets using Android Version 4.0 or higher.

Can laptops also be protected?

IKARUS protects your Android devices. Please use IKARUS anti.virus to protect your Windows PC or laptop.

Is it possible to use the App on a rooted device?

On rooted devices we cannot guarantee full functionality or reliable behaviour of the app.

I bought the app but uninstalled it after a while. Do I have to buy it again?

Existing licenses do not get lost. Licenses from Google Play are automatically restored. Also, temporary licenses are restored when you set up the same e-mail address, which has been used when the app was activated for the first time.

Uninstallation failed. How can I remove the App?

The reason might be that the app still holds a "device administrator" permission. This permission is required for the anti-theft function "delete" via SMS.

There are two ways to uninstall the app in such a situation:

The first one is to start the app, then choose "Uninstall" from the main menu. You will be asked for your password, upon which uninstallation will proceed.

The alternative is to manually deactivate the "device administrator", followed by a normal uninstallation. Please make sure that the "device administrator" permission has been disabled: Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Deactivate IKARUS

Afterwards you can uninstall the app without problems: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > IKARUS > Uninstall

What is the difference between app-only scan and full scan?

The app-only scan checks all installed applications (apps). The full scan additionally scans the content of the SD-card or built-in memory, where your personal images, videos and music are stored.

How can I configure scheduled scans?

Using the "Scheduled Scan" option under "AntiVirus", you can choose if and how often your devices should be scanned automatically for viruses. Under "Scanmethode" you can choose whether you want to scan only your apps or the entire memory.

Can I cancel / abort a running virus scan?

To cancel a running scan, click on the progress bar or select the "AntiVirus" menu item. With the button "Cancel" displayed there and on the home app home, you can abort and terminate a running scan at any time.

The menu says "protection deactivated"? How can I enable protection?

Select "Monitor all apps" and / or "Monitor files" in the "Monitoring" menu item.

Why are infected apps detected after installation? Should the installation not be prevented?

For security reasons, the Android system does not provide any way to prevent the installation of some other app (which is usually a reasonable restriction). This is also an example of a fundamental difference between an Android smart phone and a Windows desktop computer.

IKARUS starts the scan immediately after an app has been installed.

However, if an app is not installed directly on the smartphone or tablet, but is copied to the memory card via a USB cable, the scan is performed during the transfer: With the full scan of IKARUS, the virus can be found before the App is installed.

Is Spyware or Ransomware detected?

IKARUS also detects this kind of malware. With IKARUS, your smartphone is protected from viruses, trojans, spyware and all kinds of malware! In the "AntiVirus" menu item, you can also disable or enable the detection of adware on the device.

A virus has been found, but I think the file is not infected?

Not often, files can be identified as a virus even though they are harmless.

If you are uncertain about a file, you can send it to our laboratory for further analysis. Click "Infections", then choose the infected file and click "Analysis". Your file will be analysed by our experts and you can get an optional response. In case the virus detection was really a false alarm, then a fix will be provided with the next database update.

How often are the virus definitions updated?

You can select the update interval to be "twice a day", "daily", "every second day" and "weekly". There is also an option to disable the automatic update.

Currently, new virus definitions for Android are being released daily.

Which Version of Android is needed?

The application runs on Android OSs from the version 4.0.

How much are the license fees for IKARUS

The “free version“ of IKARUS is available on Google Play for free. It is always possible to upgrade to the pre-paid version that offers additional security features like theft protection, URL filter and Privacy Protection. This “full version” can previously be tested with a free and non-binding demo license. The life time licence via the Google Play Store costs € 19.95, a one-year license costs € 9.00 per user. All other prices can be found in our webshop at

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