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How is the virus database being updated?

Updates can be installed manually by tapping the corresponding button: The menu item Update shows the last update time of the virus database and of IKARUS anti.virus itself. The button “Update Now” in the user interface allows to manually search for updates.

IKARUS anti.virus contains an automatic update feature. Every 20 minutes, it checks for new updates. If there are any available, they are installed. The program connects to the internet if no connection is currently available. You can check these setting in the menu item Guard of IKARUS anti.virus: The checkbox “Enable automatic updates” should be marked, as well as the checkboxes “Search for updates automatically” and “Install product updates automatically” in the Update Settings.

How do I perform a scan?

Just choose the menu item Scan, select the wanted scan method and click on “Scan Now”. Please consider that a “full scan” could take a while.

Quarantined files always appear on the quarantine list even if they are false positives. Will they be automatically restored after a corrected virus-database update has been received?

IKARUS anti.virus does not actually move files; infected files found on a machine are blocked by IKARUS anti.virus (i.e. they cannot be copied and executed) and will appear on the quarantine list.

In case of a false positive, when a correcting database update is received, the quarantine status is automatically cancelled.

Which files are scanned when selecting the predefined Fast System Scan profile?

The Fast System Scan profile enables scanning the Windows\System32 folder on the system partition. In addition, all modules currently loaded are scanned.

Which files are scanned when selecting the predefined System Partition profile?

The System Partition profile enables scanning the system partition. The system partition is the one on which the operating system is installed.

Which files are scanned when selecting the predefined Entire Computer profile?

The Entire Computer profile enables scanning all local and USB removable disks.

Which files are scanned when selecting the predefined Removable Media profile?

The Removable Media profile enables scanning floppy, CD, DVD, HD-DVD, and BlueRay drives.

I just have uploaded the new license details to IKARUS anti.virus. The new licenses are now marked in yellow. What does that mean?

IKARUS anti.virus has a built-in “get best license” feature: It automatically finds and uses the most appropriate license based on the date and runtime. That license is then marked in yellow.

Do all scanning profiles respect excluded files and folders, or are there certain profiles ignoring those settings (e.g. the Entire Computer profile)?

Exclusions are globally applied, even when the entire computer is scanned.

What does the “Do Not Scan Files Bigger Than” feature, which is accessed via Tools – Exclusions, do?

To find a medium between scanning time and security, the size limit for files that will not be monitored is regularly being updated by our security experts. You can adjust that limit to your needs: Files bigger than your chosen size will not be monitored and scanned.

Important note: The contents of archive files are always extracted, and the size limit relates to the sizes of the contained files and not to the compressed archive files.

Is it possible to scan network drives using IKARUS anti.virus?

IKARUS anti.virus is optimized for protecting and monitoring endpoints.  To protect networks, IKARUS anti.virus can be installed on file servers to perform regular scans.

Is there a free test version of IKARUS anti.virus?

Indeed there is. A request form for a test-license for IKARUS anti.virus, that can be selected during the installation process, is available on After you have entered the necessary details, the license key will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

I have temporarily unblocked a file. Why is that file blocked again after a restart?

When a file is temporarily unblocked, it will be removed from the quarantine list only until the next restart. If you want to permanently exclude that file from being scanned, use the Tools - Settings - Exclusions function. The function allows excluding individual files as well as entire folders from live scanning and virus scans. If you think it might be a false positive, right-click the quarantined file and choose “Send to IKARUS” for further analysis.

What does the message “A Virus was found on your computer!” mean?

When a pop-up window containing that message is displayed, your system probably has a virus. The IKARUS anti.virus symbol in your task bar will look different, too.

The quarantine list of IKARUS anti.virus will include the concerned file and also has recommendations about what to do about it. (The recommended functions are available from the quarantine window.)

What happens if a client machine is turned off at the time of a scheduled scan?

The scheduled check is not performed until the next pre-set time.

I have just received an e-mail message with my license key for IKARUS anti.virus. What do I have to do to unlock the software using that key?

Right-click the .IKKEY file attached to the e-mail message to save it to the desktop of your computer. Next, launch IKARUS anti.virus and select the Licenses item from the Help menu. Click the Add License button and select the license-key file on your desktop. The licenses dialog will then list the new license key including the owner, expiration date, and validity.

IKARUS anti.virus has reported a virus alert on a file that is known to me. May this be a false positive?

In order to verify whether the file is malware or a false positive, the IKARUS LAB needs to get the physical file. To forward it, right-click the quarantined file and select the “Send to IKARUS” item from the pop-up menu. If the file has inappropriately been moved to quarantine, it will automatically be restored. If desired, you will also receive an e-mail message with more details.

Which e-mail programs are supported by the e-mail protection feature?

Microsoft Outlook – for supported versions, please visit our "system requirements" at

What does the “Clean Licenses” function do?

“Clean Licenses” checks the validities (or potential validities if the start date is in the future) of all available licenses. Invalid licenses will be removed; afterwards, only valid licenses will be listed in IKARUS anti.virus License Manager.

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