IKARUS scan.server

IKARUS scan.server

A service perfect for web service operators, online platforms and forums: Secure your web services with our Virus-Scan API!

IKARUS scan.server scans all files during upload on your servers and checks them for malicious content with help from the integrated, award-winning IKARUS scan.engine. The service discovers both known and emerging malware and allows you to make them harmless before they reach your server. You receive the scan results from IKARUS scan.server as an XML file and you can continue processing with all script languages.




One of the most popular functions of the Internet is  the upload of files. videos, pictures of documents are common for a user profile or application documents within a company.

But it would be fatal for you as a provider if users were able to upload infected files on your servers and the whole website or worse, the whole company network gets infected.

IKARUS scan.server is a simple but very efficient tool which can help you to prevent these problems. Before any file is uploaded to the server it will be scanned by IKARUS scan.server for malware.

After the scan you get back a XML file with scan information, the most important is the status “clean” (= no malware) or “infected” (= infected).


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  • Scanning of files during upload over web services
  • Protection from malware of your server environments
  • Excellent detection rates by using the award-winning, integrated IKARUS T3.scan.engine
  • Results are displayed as XML file to the request with following content:
    • VDB version
    • Engine version
    • File name
    • Status: “clean” or “infected”
    • Signature name (e.g.: EICAR)
  • Varied usage possibilities due to the unlimited compatibility
  • Regular and automatic updates for protection from the newest threats
  • Compatible with all script languages
  • Provides a java library for easy usage
  • Flexible and adaptable, integrate it in many applications

System requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met to run IKARUS scan.server::

  • Min. 512 MB RAM
  • Min. 1 GB hard disk memory
  • CPU: preferred Quad-Core-CPU or better, depends on the expected scan impact

  • Support for

    • Windows Server 2008 and higher (32 and 64-bit)
    • CentOS 5/6/7 (64-bit)

  • Linux: Debian and RPM packages (64-bit) are available
  • Internet connection for automatically updates
  • Administrator / root permissions


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