IKARUS scan.engine SDK

Powerful Engine for Sophisticated Malware Analysis

The IKARUS scan.engine detects and analyses viruses and files with harmful behaviour in virtually all archives and filesystems: Both familiar and newly emerging malware is reliably detected and defanged. Provided with a password list, it is even possible to scan password protected archives.

The IKARUS scan.engine can easily be integrated in any existing system, or it can be used as a starting point to develop your own malware-detecting security products: There are unlimited possibilities!




The IKARUS scan.engine is developed by IKARUS itself. The technology is based on sophisticated virus analysis: Partly automated and party manually, all data is analysed, executed, simulated and monitored in a multi-stages process.

It is only in the simplest cases, that a virus definition (or virus description) consists only of a static signature: Already known and uncomplicated viruses can be identified by matching unique code sequences.

Usually, it is not that easy. More challenging or unknown malware pass through various stages of analysis, being disassembled into their individual components and carefully examined in different analytical processes.

Often, malicious files can be unmasked with behavioural analysis: The files are executed in a virtualized environment, observing, extracting and analysing their features. This is how malicious files can be classified by their harmful or unwanted behaviour. Exploit detection is another way to unmask files with harmful features, and sometimes unusual hash sums point to malicious characteristics.

All findings from different analytical stages performed by the IKARUS scan.engine and all data collected by the IKARUS Lab is regularly entered in the virus databases.


Proposed use:

Basis for developing your own professional security solutions

Adding anti-virus and anti-malware features to existing systems


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  • Evaluating files – malware yes/no
  • Extract features for data analysis
  • Setting options for scan processes

System requirements

Your computer has to meet the following minimum requirements to run IKARUS anti.virus:

    Operating Systems


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