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IKARUS scan.server

A service perfect for web service operators, online platforms and forums: Secure your web services with our Virus-Scan API!

IKARUS scan.server scans all files during upload on your servers and checks them for malicious content with help from the integrated, award-winning IKARUS scan.engine. The service discovers both known and emerging malware and allows you to make them harmless before they reach your server. You receive the scan results from IKARUS scan.server as an XML file and you can continue processing with all script languages.


IKARUS cmd.scan

Scan your files for infections on any operating system, simple and quick – activate the command line interface, perform a scan on the requested directory and receive the results. The results can also be processed further if necessary, e.g. automatic delete could be initiated. With the IKARUS cmd.scan you can also create your own Live rescue CDs. The possibilities are endless, there are no limits.


Anti-Theft Software for Mobile Devices

If you have ever lost your smartphone or tablet, you know the feeling when your expensive device is gone along with all photos, contacts, data etc.
IKARUS SDK is a perfect solution for protecting your customers against data theft by helping them locate their device or make it useless in the hands of strangers.


Total privacy control

Every app downloaded from the Google Play store requires certain agreements from the user. Most users skip over the documentation and simply enter “agree”. But beware, not every app needs so much requirements. This SDK shows which agreements are required from which app and gives also a feedback.



Would you rather develop your own Android security app or malware recognition program and integrate it into your existing mobile application? Our SDK protects your users, thanks to the fully integrated, award-winning IKARUS scan.engine, from both, new and established threats. Fully automated protection runs in the background checking new data and apps which are loaded in the device. In addition to detecting viruses, the SDK is equipped with a URL filter to enable safe web searches. Thousand instances of malware are detected daily, which is why IKARUS offers the option to update the data on the SDKs several times a day.


SMS Blacklist

Facing a constant wave of unwanted ads or messages?

That's over! – Protect your clients from spamming and block messages from certain phone numbers. Additionally you can offer the possibility of informing the caller that his message was erased.   


Powerful Engine for Sophisticated Malware Analysis

The IKARUS scan.engine detects and analyses viruses and files with harmful behaviour in virtually all archives and filesystems: Both familiar and newly emerging malware is reliably detected and defanged. Provided with a password list, it is even possible to scan password protected archives. The IKARUS scan.engine can easily be integrated in any existing system, or it can be used as a starting point to develop your own malware-detecting security products: There are unlimited possibilities!


Successful SPAM protection

Protect your clients from the daily SPAM floods by developing your own security product or integrating our premium SPAM detector into one of your best products.  


Internet traffic control

Internet protection is an ever-growing topic in the software security industry. Regardless whether the threat comes from a Malware from torrent and download sites or from fake online-banking sites (phishing) with the IKARUS url.filter all of these sites are classified and the result can be processed further.


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