IKARUS Business Suite III

IKARUS security.manager

IKARUS security.manager

IKARUS security.manager provides professional protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, all sorts of Malware and SPAM. As a central management console for the professional protection of networks.

IKARUS security.manager allows for configuring, maintaining, updating, and monitoring any number of IKARUS anti.virus clients.

It is user friendly and a straightforward by nature and seasoned distribution of program updates and the latest virus patterns save all network administrators’ time, money and stresses.



Protection and safety in WLAN networks for both Operators and Users: IKARUS secures the accesses over your Wi-Fi hotspots consistently and efficiently from any kind of Malware.

Definable settings allow you to secure devices and hotspots, to configure the access possibilities to your personal preferences. Define Internal WLAN rules and Guest WLAN rules, Align the various marketing possibilities and personalisation and security of your Wi-Fi networks.

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