IKARUS Bundle I inkl. ISM


IKARUS meticulously checks every single email whether it could contain viruses, Malware or SPAM before reaching your network.

Define what should happen with harmful Malware e-mails and the adjustable SPAM Scale determines the sensitivity for an email to be declared as SPAM.

After scanning, the ‘safe’ e-mails will be delivered without latency.

Make your life simpler and let IKARUS check your e-mails or install it as IKARUS in your own company.

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The hosted security solution that obstructs threats from the internet; IKARUS protects you from attacks and actual threats before they reach the network. Scan via IKARUS, infected files get blocked and destruction is not possible.

IKARUS defends against harmful or blacklisted websites and also blocks Malware. It also protects all unencrypted downloads from the internet– effective protection for the recently popular “Drive by infections.

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IKARUS security.manager

IKARUS security.manager provides professional protection from viruses, worms, Trojans, all sorts of Malware and SPAM. As a central management console for the professional protection of networks.

IKARUS security.manager allows for configuring, maintaining, updating, and monitoring any number of IKARUS anti.virus clients.

It is user friendly and a straightforward by nature and seasoned distribution of program updates and the latest virus patterns save all network administrators’ time, money and stresses.

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