Free Wi-Fi access is becoming more of an expectation rather than a nice-to-have for all businesses and industries.
IKARUS secures the accesses over your Wi-Fi hotspots consistently and efficiently from any kind of Malware.
Definable settings allow you to secure devices and hotspots, to configure the access possibilities to your personal preferences. Define Internal WLAN rules and Guest WLAN rules, Align the various marketing possibilities and personalisation and security of your Wi-Fi networks.





IKARUS offers highly configurable settings including: time based access control, download limit per session and web filtering options.

The Brandable landing page is based on your configurations and design. Once users have entered their information in order to access the Wi-Fi (Data collection tool) their information is available to use for pro-active marketing purposes.

The block-response page (Rebrandable) informs the user that their web request has been denied either for malicious content or due to user-defined settings.

IKARUS can be integrated with minimum effort at the gateway level as well as managed via the cloud. It is perfectly compatible with all firewalls. Comprehensive log information and automated reports complete the feature set.


  • Powered by the IKARUS scan.engine for solid detection
  • Virus protection for web protocols
    • HTTP
    • FTP over HTTP
    • FTP
  • Simple creation of access profiles using URL, file name and content type
  • Custom creation of administrative access levels
  • Differentiation of network areas via GRE/WCCP
  • Activity monitor via IKARUS Configuration Center
  • Time-based access control
  • Transfer limits per user session
  • Comprehensive logging of all activities with reporting functionality
  • Regular updates for real-time protection from the latest threats
  • Personalised landing pages
  • Personalised block-response pages
  • Multiple landing pages (different brandings and contents)
  • Setup packages for Microsoft Windows and Linux (for IKARUS

System requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met to run IKARUS

Requirements for using it as IKARUS
  • Processor from 2 GHz (Intel/AMD)
  • x86/x64 architecture
  • Min. 512 MB RAM
  • Min. 2 GB hard disk memory
  • Router with GRE/WCCP function or Linux iptables
  • Windows Server 2008 and higher (32/64-Bit)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 5/6/7 (64-Bit)
  • Debian (64-Bit)
Requirements for using it as IKARUS

  • Internet access
  • Router with GRE/WCCP function

    • Fixed/static IP address of the router



FilesOperating SystemSize
Setup-GatewaySecurity-3.36.7win.i386.exeWindows 32 Bit20.349 KB
Setup-GatewaySecurity-3.36.7win.x86_64.exeWindows 64 Bit20.696 KB
ikarus-gatewaysecurity-3.36.7rh5.x86_64.rpmLinux 64 Bit 22.932 KB
ikarus-gatewaysecurity-3.36.7_amd64.debLinux 64 Bit22.926 KB
Setup-gatewaysecurityCC_1.9.0.exeWindows 32 Bit GUI Setup7.444 KB
Data sheet:
Download IKARUS Data sheet
User manual:
IKARUS User Manual
Success stories:
A1 Telekom Austria AG: A1 Internet Security
Unwired Networks: IKARUS

In order to activate and use IKARUS you need a valid license key. 

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