Surfing ... BUT SAFE!

IKARUS is a dynamic solution that combines advanced security, full customisation and control to protect your company from malicious threats from the Internet before they reach the network.

All web requests are filtered by IKARUS, infected files are blocked and your network and confidential information remain uncompromised.
Defend against harmful or blacklisted websites, protect yourself against malicious downloads and avoid the increasingly threatening “Drive-by infections” in real time.





Configure IKARUS with different filters: Virus filter, URL filter, file-type filter, country filter, continent filter, browser filter and access control lists. Define whitelists and blacklists or block specific file types by user or group. Utilise our category lists to make configuration effortless. All filters are hierarchical, so you can block a certain category but allow some URLs in that category.

Implement the IKARUS version into your company or use the existing expert infrastructure in the IKARUS

The IKARUS Scan Center is situated in Austria. Local privacy law offers safer protection for our users compared to our competitors. (IKARUS


  • Anti-virus and Anti-SPAM protection for web protocols
    • HTTP, FTP over HTTP, FTP
  • Offers effective protection against threats throughout the internet
  • Monitoring of downloads, protection against “drive-by infections“
  • Configuration with different filters: virus, URL, file type and browser filter
  • Reliable blocking of URLs with our extensive URL category list (more than 100 categories)
  • Simple creation of access profiles enabling filtering rules on a per-user or per-group basis
  • Flexible anti-virus and security rules
  • User administration with different administrative access levels for internal employees
  • Adjustable individual policies for every user, such as a PIN override system
  • Supported authentication types: IP address, basic proxy. IKARUS only: LDAP and Kerberos/NTLM authentication
  • IPv6 support for outgoing connections
  • Access control using IP-address groups or authentication
  • Individual URL White-/Blacklist
  • Branding possibilities (design, block-response notifications)
  • Continuous updates for protection against the newest threats
  • Reporting / Statistics

System requirements

The following minimum requirements must be met to run IKARUS

Requirements for using it as IKARUS
  • Processor from 2 GHz (Intel/AMD)
  • x86/x64 architecture
  • Min. 512 MB RAM
  • Min. 2 GB hard disk memory
  • Windows Server 2008 and higher (32/64-Bit)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 5/6/7 (64-Bit)
  • Debian (64-Bit)
Requirements for using it as IKARUS
  • Internet access
  • Fixed/static IP address
    (Usage with username and password is possible instead of fixed/static IP address)


FilesOperating SystemSize
Setup-GatewaySecurity-3.36.7win.i386.exeWindows 32 Bit20.349 KB
Setup-GatewaySecurity-3.36.7win.x86_64.exeWindows 64 Bit20.696 KB
ikarus-gatewaysecurity-3.36.7rh5.x86_64.rpmLinux 64 Bit 22.932 KB
ikarus-gatewaysecurity-3.36.7_amd64.debLinux 64 Bit22.926 KB
Setup-gatewaysecurityCC_1.9.0.exeWindows 32 Bit GUI Setup7.444 KB
Data sheet:
Download Data sheet
User manual:
IKARUS User Manual
Success stories:
A1 Telekom Austria AG: A1 Internet Security
Unwired Networks: IKARUS

In order to activate and use IKARUS you need a valid license key. 

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