Central IKARUS Administration

IKARUS is a comprehensive MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution for all mobile devices in corporate environments. As a particularly flexible cloud service directly from IKARUS, it offers a very simple and scalable way to implement the security needs of your company. The service manages and protects your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets (or notebooks) from the latest threats. It provides an active overview and management of the inventory and data of the existing mobile systems.





Everything via a single interface: with an access to IKARUS, you'll be able to invite Android devices in order to administrate their IKARUS licences.

After an user enters the activation code in the app, the central administration can begin: you can start App scan or full scan of the device, trigger a virus database update and use the theft protection/loss functions such as places, trigger alarm, lock, and factory reset of the device.

All activities and communication with the device are logged and can be viewed at anytime. Furthermore, the device administrator is notified whenever a virus is found, when a blocked, malicious website has been accessed or when the SIM card has been changed.


  • Central overview of all devices (e.g., in a company)
  • Sending notifications to the IKARUS about infected files and blocked websites (e.g. viewable by the administrator)
  • Theft protection directly via the cloud:
    • Phone locking and unlocking
    • Turning the alarm on and off
    • Locating the device
    • Erasing all the data and restoring the device to default settings
  • Start a virus scan or update process on the device
  • Monitoring: Configure continuous monitoring and protection of the device
  • URL Filter: Protection against malware and all other Internet threats (ending with Android 5.1.1 version for the Android default browser and Google Chrome)
  • SIM card protection: Automatic device locking if the SIM card is changed (can be activated in the App)
  • USSD blocker protects against malicious USSD codes
  • Privacy Control: The installed apps are tested for risks for your privacy, based on your permission (can be activated and managed in the App)

System requirements

Your system has to meet the following minimum requirements to run IKARUS

Operating systems
  • Android Version 2.x and higher
  • Apple iOS 7.x and higher
  • Windows Phone 8.x and higher
  • Windows 10 Mobile

  • Apple MacOS X
  • Windows 10

  • Smartphones and tablets




  • Notebooks



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