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Readily available: With IKARUS‘s Managed Security Services, you can save time and money on time-consuming hardware purchases as well as previous technical knowledge. We protect your email and web gateways, WLAN hotspots and all end devices - from PCs and laptops to smartphones. Malware, data thieves and unwanted intruders have no chance.

Maintenance, configuration and updates from security specialists

The IKARUS platform is supported 24/7, redundant system and server architectures guarantee complete availability and all used hardware and software is up to date. IKARUS takes care of setup and maintenance, while you enjoy easy and fast access to all services and features via web interface.

The IKARUS Scan Center and all servers are located in Austria and the strict local data protection laws offer additional security - both for you and for your customers. All IKARUS Cloud Services are multi-client capable, scalable, offer flexible roles and rights for the admin interface and allow own branding as well as the integration of your billing and ordering systems. Our licensing models are just as flexible - use the professional enterprise solution at a low price!


Protection against:

  • Malware attacks
  • Data theft
  • Data loss
  • Downtime
  • Performance losses
  • GDPR Non-Compliance

Protection through

  • Malware-Protection   
  • Spam-Protection
  • Access - Controls
  • Filter rules
  • User groups
  • Compliance
  • Logging & Reporting


You can decide between five different product variations:


Concentrate on your core business and use the know-how, servers and staff from IKARUS for your IT-Security – Relay it to IKARUS!

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IKARUS is an all-inclusive solution which offers efficient and effective protection from viruses and SPAM, before they even reach the network.

IKARUS protects you from threats through the Internet by monitoring all your network traffic, which is passed through the IKARUS Scancenter.

IKARUS is a comprehensive MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution for all mobile devices in corporate environments. 

IKARUS anti.virus secures your personal data and PC from all kinds of malware. Additionally, the Anti-SPAM module protects you from SPAM and malware from e-mails. Now also managed via the IKARUS Interface.

IKARUS is a comprehensive MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution for all mobile devices in corporate environments.

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