Protection and security for Wi-Fi networks


IKARUS wifi.securityIKARUS scans all web access via your Wi-Fi and enables you to protect and structure your system.

Free Wi-Fi supports our digital existence as we live and work in public spaces, while shopping, travelling or dining out. Lower barriers such as a lack of authentication or unencrypted data transfer attract customers and interested parties, but they can also attract attackers bent on data theft and malware attacks.

IKARUS monitors all access via your Wi-Fi network. The program filters out malware and approves or blocks content according to your settings. A range of settings provides for optimum security as well as interesting options for network configuration and the implementation of our policies.

»Hotspots and free Wi-Fi are always a welcome service. With IKARUS, you are doing more than just protecting your service from malware and misuse. You can also control the customer experience in a targeted manner and put in place tailored messages.«

Marcus Mayer
Product Manager at IKARUS Security Software


  • Malware and content filters block malicious software and unwanted content
  • Landing and block-response pages can be personalised to enable targeted customer contact and information.
  • Integrated data collection tool for registration, newsletter dispatch etc.
  • Local security proxy in Vienna with data processing in accordance with the EU GDPR



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