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In addition to emails, malicious websites and malware downloads from the internet represent the greatest threat to your online security. All it takes is one wrong click or opening up a wrong website to become a victim of a targeted or random attack. Web and download filters prevent infections and offer many other options for managing your web accesses.

IKARUS web.security InfografikCentral security proxy with reliable malware detection, flexible filter options and global URL category lists.

IKARUS web.security does not only protect against threats on website or in downloads. The different filter options such as viruses, URLs, file types, countries or browser filters also allow you to consistently implement your company policies. You can, for example, limit access to social media pages, block individual URLs or filter specific content according to predefined categories. All web queries will be reviewed and scanned in the IKARUS data-processing centre in Vienna, based on your settings. You configure IKARUS web.security according to your needs: No network is too big or small!

»Our web security service gives you full control over all internet access. With more than 100 web categories and individual black- and white lists, you define what content may be shown in your network and which websites should be blocked.«

Benny Paar
Technical Presales at IKARUS Security Software


  • Implementing security policies with different authorization levels
  • Extremely flexible configuration (all kinds of filter options and user policies)
  • Local security proxy in Vienna with data processing according to EU GDPR
  • Multiple-client capability with many branding options



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