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IKARUS anti.virus

Several hundred million malicious programs circulate worldwide and new variants are developed and discovered every day. Unwanted applications can infect devices and steal, modify, encrypt or delete information. They can steal identities, generate uncontrolled traffic or click on advertisements. Therefore, every device connected to the Internet must be protected – the easiest way to do this is from one source.

With one of the best scan engines in the world, IKARUS anti.virus offers reliable protection against malware attacks and intruders. All of the executable files and archives on your clients are extracted, analysed, monitored and assessed in a secure virtual environment. Behavioural analysis is also used to identify malicious objects by detecting their malicious or unwanted behaviour and harmful characteristics. Once an intruder is discovered, it is immediately isolated and rendered harmless.

Real-time protection and antispam feature

Thanks to multi-threading technology, the IKARUS scan.engine, developed by us and hosted in Austria, is as thorough as it is efficient, and monitors your clients in real time. As soon as data is changed or accessed, IKARUS anti.virus CS activates; it analyses all activity for malicious functionality and unwanted actions. The results of the analysis are logged centrally and displayed in both the user interface and the web interface. It is easy to monitor scans, updates and infections. You can send suspicious files to the IKARUS laboratory for analysis, and install new licences with just a few clicks

The integrated anti-spam function checks emails sent and received in Microsoft Outlook for spam and malware. You also have the option to create your own blacklists and whitelists by sender, recipient, content or subject. Flexible on-demand scans, optional monitoring of Microsoft SharePoint, password protection for your settings, and the option to send suspicious files directly to the IKARUS lab for analysis complete the offering.

Microsoft SharePoint

IKARUS anti.virus can also be used to secure file transfers from Microsoft SharePoint without additional license costs.



IKARUS anti.virus und IKARUS anti.virus Home

IKARUS anti.virus protects your devices and data from both previously known and newly emerging malware – without any negative effect on the performance of your machine. All files and archives on your computer are evaluated, executed, simulated and monitored in a multi-layer process. Behavioural analysis also identifies malware by its malicious and unwanted behaviour or harmful characteristics.  Once discovered, an intruder is immediately isolated and rendered harmless.

IKARUS anti.virusIKARUS anti.virus protects laptops, desktops and servers from harmful programs and unwanted intruders.

»Despite the higher quality, the overall costs could be reduced while reducing complexity and improving support.«

Helmut Neumayr
MSc, Information technology specialist for compulsory schools for LSR NÖ

IKARUS anti.virus

Central Antivirus-Management in the Cloud

One console for all endpoints: IKARUS anti.virus protects any number of PCs, laptops and servers from viruses, malware and spam. Manage your clients across different locations via a web interface, and benefit from being able to respond quickly and effectively to any threats thanks to targeted notifications.

Communication over the internet is secured, regardless of the location of the managed devices. IKARUS anti.virus is multi-tenant capable and fully scalable. You benefit from easy administration of all managed licences and devices with a single login, no matter the scale. Management incurs no additional licence fees or costs for installation, updates or maintenance.

IKARUS anti.virus BusinessIKARUS anti.virus protects laptops, desktops and servers from harmful programs and unwanted intruders. The software can be controlled directly on the device or via a web interface.

Highlights of IKARUS anti.virus Home

  • Permanent, proactive protection against viruses, spam and unwanted software
  • Dynamic virus analysis in a multi-layer automated process
  • Quarantine feature, virus alerts and virus overview
  • Technical support located in Austria and direct access to the IKARUS lab for analysis of suspicious files
  • Business features including password protection and monitoring of MS Sharepoint

Highlights of IKARUS anti.virus

  • Web-based management console to manage clients, software and licences
  • Proactive and reactive malware detection with a multidimensional process, behavioural analysis and exploit detection
  • Malware scans directly on the computer; no data transmitted to the cloud
  • Fast and resource-conserving operation without any unnecessary burden
  • Virus warnings and flexible notifications of defined events
  • Antispam feature for Microsoft Outlook, including individual blacklists and whitelists
  • Continuous system monitoring and regular incremental updates
  • Monitoring of all uploads and downloads in Microsoft SharePoint to identify potential threats
  • Password protection for program settings on the client
  • Scan reports for incoming and outgoing emails, system monitoring, download and scan logs
  • Available languages: English, German, Russian, Italian,



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