Cloud-based secure email gateway

FireEye Email Security

Protects against all advanced threats including phishing, impersonation and spam

Email is the primary method used to initiate an advanced attack. Our secure email gateway with advanced email protection can detect threats other solutions miss, because the detection engines inspect suspicious email traffic to identify attacks that evade traditional signature- and policy-based defenses.

FireEye Email Security FireEye Email Security Cloud Edition – Inline-Implementation

FireEye Email Security (Cloud Edition) can reduce cost and increase employee productivity through a single email security solution that minimizes the risk of costly breaches caused by advanced email attacks. Deployed in the cloud, FireEye Email Security is a fully featured secure email gateway that leads the industry in identifying, isolating, and immediately stopping URL, impersonation, and attachment-based attacks, before they enter an organization’s environment. With auto remediate for Office 365, emails that become retroactively malicious after delivery to an user’s inbox can be extracted. FireEye Email Security also scans outgoing email traffic for advanced threats, spam and viruses.

»Email is fundamental to all collaborative environments, so deploying FireEye Email Security gives us the ability to mitigate the risks of compromise from this highly exploited channel using a single solution.«

Nils Göldner
Managing Partner and Cloud Advisor
Blackboat GmbH


  • Offers comprehensive inbound and outbound email security
  • Consolidates the email security stack with a comprehensive single vendor solution
  • Supports custom YARA rules to enhance threat detection efficacy
  • Enables auto remediate for Office 365 to remove emails that become malicious after delivery
  • Integrates with any third party email provider
  • Provides in-depth knowledge about attacks and attackers from frontline investigations and observations of adversaries
  • Meets the FedRAMP security requirements

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