Detect, understand and stop cyber-attacks directly at the endpoint

Cybereason Endpoint Security

Cybereason takes a holistic approach to security, enabling defenders to correlate and terminate threat activity across the network to protect every endpoint.

Cybereason’s Endpoint Security solution gives you the tools and capabilities to not only detect and defend against attacks––actively or automatically––but also to track the attackers: Protect your networks, clean up your entire systems, close all gaps and strengthen your cyber resilience.

With IKARUS as your system integrator, you also stay on track with your data protection requirements: Use the solutions optionally from the cloud from the IKARUS data centre in Austria (EU) or on premise.


Cybereason provides IT teams with precise and intuitive tools that support rapid onboarding and focused operations.

Cybereason Professional: globally leading solution for EDR and MDR functionalities

IT Office

Cybereason Professional reduces the time required to investigate and defend against cyber-attacks by automating remediation or providing one-click remote access.

The solution requires no special prior knowledge. It enables IT teams without security expertise to achieve professional results, while security experts also benefit from the tools. Every team member is empowered to quickly understand the scope and impact of threats and take immediate action.

  • EDR capabilities consolidate all information about each security incident and empower IT teams with contextualised data to stop attacks immediately.
  • Next-generation antivirus capabilities also detect entirely new malware, zero-day exploits, fileless attacks and provide optimal protection even against ransomware attacks.
  • Endpoint controls help you meet security and compliance requirements, restrict access to data and encrypt it.
  • The optional MDR (Managed Defense and Response) add-on allows you to outsource endpoint protection with SOC functionalities.

Product highlights

  • Threat Intelligence

    actionable threat data to holistically detect, understand and defend against complex attacks

  • AV & NGVA

    classic antivirus and next generation antivirus incl. multi-layer AI-based behavioural analysis

  • Anti-Ransomware

    predicts and blocks ransomware activity using artificial intelligence on each endpoint

  • Endpoint-Controls

    Manage specific controls tied to different device types, implement personal firewall policies and enforce disk encryption

  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response):

    Global overview of correlated findings as well as immediate remediation against attacks (terminate processes, isolate files, remove persistence mechanisms, prevent execution of files, and isolate machines)

Product AddOn: Cybereason MDR (Managed Detection and Response)

Cyber prevention, detection and response as a service: threats are detected and averted without burdening own resources.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Security Coverage

    Cybereason’s global Security Operation Centres (SOC) ensure that your network is secure anywhere, anytime.

  • Speed to remediation

    Cybereason’s detection, triage and response capabilities deliver best-in-class times to incident resolution.

  • Reduce costs with immediate ROI

    Cybereason’s fully managed security service reduces incident costs and increases productivity, freeing up time and resources.

Advantages of cybereason technology

  • Immediate ability to act and react in case of security incidents
  • Additional security layer to protect against ransomware
  • Minimal impact on endpoints
  • Increased chances to detect attacks or unwanted behaviour at an early stage

Advantages with IKARUS as system integrator

  • Local data processing in the IKARUS data centre in Austria (EU) or on-premise
  • Technical and practical expertise in cyber defence, incident response, threat hunting
  • Strong partnership for the highest quality of customer service
  • Smart system integration and local support

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