Managed detection and response (MDR) backed by the full power of FireEye

FireEye Managed Defense

Security threats continue to evolve, yet most organizations remain reliant on reactive, technology based, security solutions to protect their most valuable assets. Technology alone does not fully protect against a determined attacker. And it’s difficult and costly to find, hire, train and retain security experts, especially those who specialize in finding covert threats.

Intelligence-Led Detection and Response

FireEye Managed Defense is a managed detection and response (MDR) service that combines industry-recognized cyber security expertise, FireEye technology and unparalleled knowledge of attackers to help minimize the impact of a breach.

Managed Defense

Why Managed Defense?

  • Experience: Draw on the experience of Mandiant incident response teams, who spend 100,000+ hours per year on the most impactful breaches
  • Faster Detection: Median time to investigate and respond with Managed Defense is 67 minutes
  • Cost effective: Development and maintenance of in-house capabilities can take a lot of time, money and resources

»The FireEye suite of technologies combined with Managed Defense provides a level of coverage and visibility that my organization could not afford to duplicate by other means (e.g. hiring the necessary staff).«

C. L. – Information Security Manager for a mid-sized US manufacturer


  • Market-Leading Threat Intelligence: Security analysts from multiple groups in FireEye apply the latest and real-time machine, victim and adversary intelligence to locate and detail threats in your environment faster.
  • Comprehensive Hunting: Analysts proactively hunt for hidden attackers and threat activity using FireEye technology, analytical expertise and intelligence.
  • Investigation and Response: Analysts thoroughly investigate critical threats, providing detailed answers to effectively respond.
  • Alert Prioritization: Identify the most critical alerts to provide focus to those that must be responded to immediately.



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