Synthesa Chemie

An IKARUS success story.

Synthesa Chemie

Synthesa Chemie: A Market Leader with a Wide Range of Products

The Synthesa group distributes high-quality paints, varnishes, glazes, construction-chemical coatings, and materials for façade and insulation engineering and is today’s market leader in construction paints in Austria. Synthesa produces for the professional market, selling their products to commercial and industrial customers. For example, Synthesa is the major distributor of wood stains for the prefab-homes industry in Austria. With about 650 employees, the Synthesa group generates sales of about 151 Mio EUR (in 2009). The group includes Capatect Baustoffindustrie, Glemadur Farben und Lacke, Avenarius-Agro, and other companies.


To Synthesa Chemie, innovation has always been the key to success — for more than 60 years now. Innovation is also essential when protecting sensitive data in a constantly changing threat scenario. Therefore, the group opted for antivirus and anti-spam solutions by IKARUS Security Software GmbH.

For example, Synthesa uses IKARUS for automatically deleting viruses, Trojan horses, and other malware from the e-mail and effectively removing spam messages. In addition, IKARUS anti.virus ensures dual security for every machine on Synthesa’s network.

Protected from Viruses and SPAM — for more than 10 years

“When we were looking for a provider of AntiVirus and AntiSPAM protection back in 1998, we came across IKARUS,” says Synthesa’s head of ICT Alfred Palkoska. “We then decided to go with an Austrian partner not only because of their range of products and services but also because we were to get excellent value for money. And considering the duration of our business relationship, we obviously made a good choice then.” Palkoska particularly emphasizes the fact that the antivirus database is automatically updated several times a day, the installation is simple and straightforward, and the software is capable of detecting unknown viruses using a heuristic approach.

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