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An IKARUS success story.

Website security “Made in Austria”

More than 85% of Austrian companies have web presence (Source: Statistik Austria). A number of these business webpages, also those of politicians and non-profit organisations, were hacked in the last year.

It is for that very reason that Cumulo GmbH, based in Linz, created a SaaS solution called imbusec. nimbusec is a monitoring platform that monitors webpages and online stores 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service informs webpage operators immediately if a webpage has been hacked or manipulated before the customers recognizes something is wrong.

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Leonhartsberger

IKARUS Scan Engine for detection and classification of malware

The award-winning IKARUS scan.engine was integrated into nimbusec from its existence. IKARUS enables Cumolo GmbH to offer nimbusec customers 24/7/365 protection against malware. After an evaluation with different anti-virus engines, Cumulo choose the engine from IKARUS: “With IKARUS we have a clear benefit for nimbusec and we benefit also from the long experience of the Austrian company”, says Dipl.-Ing. Marin Leonhartsberger, CEO of Cumulo GmbH.

IKARUS is also enthusiastic: “We are proud that our know-how and our technology is used in nimbusec because the solution is very convincing,” says Siegfried Schauer, Sales Manager at IKARUS about the project. Cumulo also chose IKARUS to guarantee the continuous data protection for the webpage owner. The Cumulo development team are very happy with IKARUS: “The integration of the IKARUS Engine was totally simple and uncomplicated”

Faster reaction possible

The monitoring system developed by Cumulo offers a defacement-detection feature and protection against blacklist entries and rootshells. Through fast reaction image, reputation and company values,  nimbusec customers are strongly protected.

73% of all company webpages get hacked in the first 2 years (Source: Ponemon Institute). More than 50% of these companies need more than 2 months to recognize the hack (Source: Verizon Data Breach Report 2014).

nimbusec reduces the reaction time from several months to few minutes. Hacked and manipulated webpages or online-shops are no longer a problem.

nimbusec won the “Austria’s next top Startup” competition in October, 2014. The team convinced the judges with their technology and the business model.

Further information about Cumulo and nimbusec.
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