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IKARUS anti.virus - fresh style and performance enhancement!

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Our award-winning desktop anti-virus protection for PCs and servers gets a complete renovation in this release.

The GUI (Graphical user-interface) of IKARUS anti.virus now has a new, fresh and modern design. The software itself gets a performance upgrade: The average increase of performance is about 50% - Significantly quicker scanning and less CPU resources as a result.

In the background the software is now working with a self-developed caching technology. IKARUS anti.virus recognises if a file has already been scanned and if it was changed since the last scan. If the file has not been changed between Virus Database releases, it will not be scanned a second time, if the file was changed it will be scanned again, due to security reasons.

Please find further Information on the product page.

You receive the update automatically between 10th and the 14th of April 2014.


IKARUS for MDM – Dedicated protection for business clients!

For customers who want to manage their mobile devices with an MDM software, we have customized IKARUS for an integration into all MDM solutions.

IKARUS for MDM contains the core features which are found in the normal version. We have slim-lined the features that MDM solutions are always offering, such as Anti-Theft functions and some new, customisable features have been added.

Features of IKARUS for MDM:

  • AntiVirus-protection: Scan, Show infections, Update
  • URL-filtering: Protection when you surf with the stock Android browser or Google Chrome
  • Customisable blacklists and whitelists for URLs and domains for individuals/users/groups
  • Threat statistics:

    • Infection was found, deleted, ignored or not ignored
    • Dangerous URLs were found, ignored or blocked

  • Further possibilities

    • Send infections to a specific e-mail address instead of IKARUS
    • Deactivate SigQA (Quality Assurance Program from IKARUS)

To use our app, your MDM software has to distribute IKARUS for MDM with the license key and configuration file, both digitally signed for added security, to the devices. For best protection, the app gets regular updates from IKARUS for the award-winning and integrated IKARUS T3.scan.engine and for the VDB database.

For further information please visit our product page.

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