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Reviews and Outlooks: Advances and Developments

2016 has been a busy and exciting year – both on the part of the “defenders” and on the part of the “attackers”: DoS attacks have reached new highs (ab)using  the internet of things, and the world has been bombarded with more and more ransomware variants, using more and more sophisticated ways and means of infection. Especially during the first half of 2016, the IKARUS Scan Center has noted massive ransomware outbreaks: Solutions for secure e-mail gateways as the most popular distribution vector are important as never before. Only 18 percent of all e-mails check by IKARUS in 2016 were clean and harmless. About 79 percent were unmasked as spam and 3 percent contained malware.


IKARUS with APT Protection

With a new product add-on, IKARUS does not only fend generic malware outbreaks: With the integration of FireEye, global specialist in the detection of targeted attacks, IKARUS with APT Protection offers the most efficient protection of e-mail platforms.

Combined analysis techniques and global threat data allow for real-time reactions even on individual high-tech attacks. Besides, with server locations in Austria, IKARUS guarantees highest availability and data security as well as personal advice and technical support.


IKARUS scan.engine among the best in the world

The detection performance of all IKARUS security solutions is based on the in-house developed IKARUS scan.engine that identifies, extracts, analyses and eliminates viruses, vulnerabilities and exploits in literally all file systems and archives. Regular independent product tests prove its excellent protective performance. Additionally, they confirm the low resource consumption of our scanning methods. Especially when it comes to endpoint protection, IKARUS scores with reliable and hardly perceptible protection.

Learn more on the different analytical methods of the IKARUS scan.engine: IKARUS scan.engine


IKARUS Endpoint Protection is better than ever

IKARUS anti.virus was among the first anti-virus solutions worldwide that was certified for Windows 10. The certification also stands for speed and conservation of resources: The performance and energy efficiency of the tested products have to meet strict requirements for certain use cases.

IKARUS anti.virus met all requirements at the first attempt. Besides its strong detection performance, the software scores with optimum performance and user experience.

Read all details on the current VB100-certifications for IKARUS anti.virus: Maximum Security with Minimum System Impact?


IKARUS & Android Test-Virus

After gaining the title “Android Security Recommended 2015”, IKARUS also scored in the following testing in 2016, earning 5 stars for the highest score.

Besides our App and Business Version, our virus protection for Android is also available for MDM integration via cloud: In addition to the detection performance of our scan engine and the security features of the full version of our app, the web interface offers a central overview and control over all mobile devices.

Get a quick overview of all features and reports using the test interface of IKARUS (username: “demo1”, password “emw”).

To test your mobile security solution without any risks and watch your software live at work, download our app “IKARUS TestVirus” on Google Play.


IKARUS anti.virus in the Cloud

Following the integration of our mobile security solution, we are taking the next step towards endpoint protection via cloud in the first quarter of 2017: IKARUS anti.virus will soon be available via cloud, allowing administrators and IT service partners to administrate several independent endpoints. The web interface offers insight to the update status of program and data bases, shows infections, allows for installing new licenses and more. Enjoy the positive feeling of keeping all devices and data in view – anytime and anywhere!


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