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New guidance and minimum standards for mobile device management by BSI


Portable and mobile devices such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets are everyday companions in our business life. Due to their intensive use, confidential e-mails, important contacts and very sensitive company and private data are stored on their systems. Because of the high mobility of the systems, users are not always aware of the potential risks in case of loss or an external access. In addition, there is the threat to the data through several other apps, which could be easily installed on the terminal.

At the beginning of May 2017, a new minimum standard for mobile device management was published by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The BSI has been active as a top cyber security authority in this area for a long time. Particularly known are e.g. the practical documents for comprehensive IT protection. As a result of the spread and increased use of mobile devices in business days, this standard emphasizes the urgency of actively including these systems in a comprehensive security concept as well.

IKARUS will therefore soon present the new IKARUS solution. As an essential component, the future IKARUS here certainly offers the required core function of an MDM - the comprehensive definition, implementation and control of security guidelines and configuration parameters on the terminals to be protected.

Using a central, customizable dashboard, it is possible to specify flexible policies and monitor the status of the systems. If the requirements are not met, information can be generated, or pre-defined actions can be performed automatically. If necessary, e.g. in case of loss, the range of functions of course also allows actions to be triggered at any time on the device.
In addition to these central requirements, it is also possible to provide a specific company app store. A specification or limitation of the allowed apps as well as a white- or blacklisting is also available in the functional diversity. The management functions are supplemented by customizable reports to obtain a complete overview of the inventory and status at all times.

The resulting risks from the storage and processing of sensitive data on mobile devices can be actively counteracted and reduced with IKARUS The comprehensive MDM solution from IKARUS thus offers prevention against many potential threats. It secures IT administrators' control over devices that can access enterprise resources. IKARUS is therefore also a logical and sensible addition to the other security products of IKARUS.

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