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Maximum Security with Minimum System Impact?

The IKARUS scan.engine succeeds to rise from a secure virus scanner to an excellent security software: We are not only strong in detecting known and new threats, but we manage to go easy on your resources at the same time!

In the latest VB100-Review from October 2016, 39 Anti-Malware-Programs were tested on Windows 7 Pro for detection performance, system impact, and stability. Among all business products, IKARUS anti.virus emerges victorious: Juxtaposing detection rates and time impact on standard file activities, our virus scanner is on the top! In the test set on Windows 7, the time increase on standard activities would only increase on 18 percent, while the same testing procedures on Windows 10 (VB100-Review from December 2015) showed a performance boost, shortening the computing time by one quarter.


Thanks to our in-house developed IKARUS scan.engine, we manage the balancing act between efficient work and reasonable time exposure. Known malware and vulnerabilities are sorted out during the first scanning method, analysing the other data in a closed virtual environment. Various multi-stage simulations and behaviour-based heuristics intertwine with manual analysis by our malware specialists and the global data from our IKARUS SigQA (Signature Quality Assurance Program).


Our strong detection performance does not only promote our own “classical” product range including endpoint protection, e-mail-security an secure web gateways: The IKARUS scan.engine is also available as SDK and can easily be integrated into various products and systems. The (development) opportunities are virtually unlimited!


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