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IKARUS with ATP - Protection from Ransomware, Spam and Targeted Attacks

Thanks to profitable business models and successful ransomware campaigns, current malware is getting more sophisticated, fast-moving and individual: the malicious code is continuously being adapted and spread in smaller, unobtrusive waves. Widespread attachments such as Words or PDFs, malicious code embedded directly in emails or well-camouflaged phishing attempts, make the detection and defend against attacks more difficult than ever.

The renowned Managed Security Cloud Service, IKARUS, protects even against the latest SPAM and malware outbreaks. Additionally, educating employees in current threats and other preventive measures, such as regular backups, will help to keep companies and data safe.

Customized cyber-attacks in the inbox

However, matters become more complex with targeted, high-tech attacks aiming at a selected target or a very small, homogeneous group of people. "Even smaller companies are quickly targeted by well-aimed attacks, sometimes even easier than the big players", says IKARUS CEO Joe Pichlmayr: "The less a network is prepared for such attacks, the easier the attackers reach their aim - and the more worthwhile the attack". Often these companies are not the primary target at all, but only a stepping stone to the actual target.

According to the 2017 Ponemon study, the average financial loss from a successful attack is $3.62 million - in addition to the reputational damage suffered, which can also cost customers (and profits). 91% of all cyber-crimes start with an e-mail: Every day 2.5 billion e-mails are being sent, and more than half is SPAM (source:

Targeted attacks do not only use other attack scenarios that are specifically tailored to your data, employees and security gaps. The behaviour in case of an infection is also different: The attackers secretly enter your network in order to remain unnoticed for months and finally steal the desired information - from bank data to company secrets - in a secret and targeted manner. The damage often goes unnoticed for a long time and is much higher.

Extend security measures and integrate Advanced Threat Protection

The answer to these scenarios is IKARUS with ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). In addition to the analysis methods of the IKARUS scan.engine per signatures, content and behaviour, the cloud service uses the signatureless analysis methods and sandboxes of FireEye and other leading sandboxing vendors. All types of attachments are scanned for hidden attacks and tested in conjunction with various combinations of operating systems and applications, including various web browsers and plug-ins such as Adobe Reader or Flash.

The analyses run quickly and cost-effectively as usual. Only data for which the IKARUS scan.engine does not come to a reliable conclusion are forwarded and analysed again - these are in the per mille range of the entire data volume. The sandboxes are installed in the IKARUS Scan Center, therefore all data – according to the EU-GDPR only meta data such as attachments or scripts are sent – remain in Austria. The sandboxes themselves constantly receive updates from the manufacturer, but are sealed off so that they cannot telephone home.


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