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Neuer Malware-Trend: Crypto-Miner übertreffen Ransomware

Nach den sehr plakativen Ransomware-Kampagnen geht der Trend mit Crypto-Minern zu unauffälligen Schadprogrammen, die am liebsten unbemerkt im Hintergrund arbeiten.


Viele Sicherheitslücken bei Klein- und Mittelbetrieben

Schwachstellen aufgrund veralteter Software und fehlender Updates


Fight against Ransomware: „Home Match“ for IKARUS

IKARUS scan.engine is the only one of 57 antivirus manufacturers to recognize the latest Ransomware


The new, almost invisible Threat: 6 Facts about Fileless Malware

Over the past year, the IT security industry has seen a relevant increase of a rather new kind of malware: fileless malware attacks.


Smartphones as mobile vulnerabilities: known threats

Smartphones and mobile devices are increasingly being targeted by attackers - and for good reason.


Great, dangerous or risky: Testing Android virus scanner

The good news is that awareness of the vulnerability of mobile operating systems has grown in recent years. The bad news is that the market share of security apps that do more harm than good has grown as well.


New "porn mails" in circulation

Already in January this year, the IKARUS spam filters recorded an outbreak of blackmail emails: recipients are urged to make Bitcoin payments in order to prevent so-called extremely private videos from being published.


Targeted Attacks on Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Google warns of two yet unknown vulnerabilities in Chrome and Windows 7 that are being actively exploited together. Details remain secret in order to protect users.


Microsoft stops SHA-1 support - update now!

If you want to continue receiving system updates for Windows 7, you need to get your computer up to scratch by April 2019: Microsoft will no longer support devices without SHA-2 Code Signing Support. Support for Windows 7 ends in...


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