App permissions

Permissions of IKARUS

In order to use the entire scope of functions of the full version of IKARUS, the app requests the following permission to access your data or services:


Your personal information (read confidential log data, set bookmarks for websites and record the Web log, read bookmarks for websites and the Web log, read call history):

These rights are used for the URL filter, for example to recognise infected websites.

Services purchased separately (send short messages):

Services that are purchased separately may be required for theft protection if, for example, a message with the current location is to be sent to locate the device.

Hardware control elements (record pictures and videos):

This permission is required to be able to scan in your activation code, also via QR code.

Your location (exact (GPS) location):

The exact GPS location of the device is used and shown on Google Maps for the current location, which can be queried with the remote control functions of the theft protection.

Your messages (receive text messages, read text messages or MMS):

IKARUS must have the permission to receive and capture text messages for the spam filter and also to block unwanted messages. Reading text messages is required so that you can select the numbers to be blocked based on the text message history.

Network communication (full internet access):

To locate your device in case it is lost or stolen, IKARUS needs your GPS location and internet access.

Memory (delete/change SD cards):

In order to be able to reliably delete any malware that is found, IKARUS requires access to the device's memory card. This is also required to be able to delete personal data with the respective remote control command.

Calls (read and identify telephone status):

This permission is required to still be able to make emergency calls even if the theft protection screen lock is activated.

Network communication (Google Play licence verification, Google Play billing service, show network status):

IKARUS can be used in the "free version" or upgraded to the "full version" with additional security features. These services are required to upgrade the app via Google Play.

Your accounts (search for known accounts):

The default e-mail address of the device can be read with the search for known accounts. This ensures that every device with a registered e-mail address also has a licence. 

System tools (automatically start at boot, send package-removed broadcast):

The app becomes active immediately after the device is switched on for effective protection.

The "Broadcast without sending package" function makes it possible to update the infection list if an infected app was removed from the device. The app accesses the list of active applications in order to be able to block the device if it is lost or stolen.
Standby mode is deactivated if necessary in order to be able to maintain the alarm signal of the theft protection and in order to carry out the scheduled scans and updates.

On the other hand, deactivating the key lock prevents the default lock screen of the device appearing on top of the IKARUS theft protection lock screen making it possible to start applications.

The theft protection uses the ability to superimpose over the top of other apps during the lock so that no other app can interfere.

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